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Electoral Vote Calculator

In the race for president, the winner of the popular vote in each state except Maine and Nebraska wins all the electoral votes in that state. In Maine and Nebraska, the statewide winners receive 2 electoral votes and the winners of each of the congressional districts receive 1 electoral vote per district. In 2020, Joe Biden won the statewide vote in Maine, but Donald Trump won the vote in Maine's Second Congressional District. Also in 2020, Donald Trump won the statewide vote in Nebraska, but Joe Biden won the vote in Nebraska's Second Congressional District.

There are 538 total electoral votes and 270 electoral votes - a majority - are needed to win.

Use the Electoral Vote Calculator to determine the total electoral votes for the Republican and Democratic candidates by selecting the Rep or Dem button for each state and district. The calculator only allows for one winner in each state and district.

The calculator has been pre-set to the 2020 election results by state in the race between Joe Biden, the Democrat, and Donald Trump, the Republican. 

The totals for the Republican and the Democrat are automatically recalculated as the candidates are selected. The calculator can be returned to the 2020 results by clicking the reset button.

AL (9) RepDem ME (2) RepDem NC (15) RepDem
AK (3) RepDem   -CD1 (1) RepDem ND (3) RepDem
AZ (11) RepDem   -CD2 (1) RepDem OH (18) RepDem
AR (6) RepDem MD (10) RepDem OK (7) RepDem
CA (55) RepDem MA (11) RepDem OR (7) RepDem
CO (9) RepDem MI (16) RepDem PA (20) RepDem
CT (7) RepDem MN (10) RepDem RI (4) RepDem
DE (3) RepDem MS (6) RepDem SC (9) RepDem
DC (3) RepDem MO (10) RepDem SD (3) RepDem
FL (29) RepDem MT (3) RepDem TN (11) RepDem
GA (16) RepDem NE (2) RepDem TX (38) RepDem
HI (4) RepDem   -CD1 (1) RepDem UT (6) RepDem
ID (4) RepDem   -CD2 (1) RepDem VT (3) RepDem
IL (20) RepDem   -CD3 (1) RepDem VA (13) RepDem
IN (11) RepDem NV (6) RepDem WA (12) RepDem
IA (6) RepDem NH (4) RepDem WV (5) RepDem
KS (6) RepDem NJ (14) RepDem WI (10) RepDem
KY (8) RepDem NM (5) RepDem WY (3) RepDem
LA (8) RepDem NY (29) RepDem











Rep Dem  




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